The ICA Tel-Aviv Branch organized its successful yearly gala event and hosted the singer Rita on Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The Israel Cancer Association's Annual Fundraising Gala took place on September 2, 2014, at the unique 'Kastiel' Events Center.


ICA Tel-Aviv Branch Fundraising Gala


Photo (r-l): Mrs. Yehudit Yuval Recanati, incoming Chairperson of the ICA 'Door Knock' Fundraising Campaign, Mr. David Simcha, Mrs. Miri Ziv and Mr. Alon Kastiel


All proceeds from the event will be dedicated to supporting research, and enhancing the quality of life and wellbeing of patients, survivors and their families.


ICA Tel-Aviv Branch Fundraising Gala
Photo (r-l): Mr. Yehoshua Kastiel, Mr. Leon Recanati, Mr. Zvi Neta and his daughter, Mrs. Anat Kastiel, Mrs. Shula Recanati and Mrs. Miri Ziv


ICA Tel-Aviv Branch Fundraising Gala

Acclaimed singer, Rita, delivered a volunteer performance at the Gala Event, captivating the large audience with her warm and moving voice, while sharing delightful personal anecdotes with them. Rita also recounted her strong and special connection with the Israel Cancer Association.


ICA Tel-Aviv Branch Fundraising Gala
Photo (r-l): Mrs. Miri Ziv, Rita and Mr. Leon Recanati
Chef Idan Halperin volunteered to cook for the guests, and gave a spellbinding cooking demonstration featuring his best dishes, prepared in collaboration with five other chefs who are members of the 'Chefs for Peace' Organization. 


ICA Tel-Aviv Branch Fundraising Gala
Photo: Mrs. Miri Ziv, Chef Idan Halperin, and the Chefs of the 'Chefs for Peace' Organization


Mrs. Miri Ziv, ICA Director General, gave an overview of the organization's broad-based activity as well as its numerous achievements for patients and against the disease.  Her greetings were accompanied by moving video clips that documented ICA's noteworthy endeavors in many diverse areas.


The evening concluded with the distribution of a gift to the hundreds of event attendees - a book by Mr. Dov Seidman, a moral philosopher and social-ethical thinker 'HOW: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything', published by Matar.

Photos courtesy of: Mr. Amit Shisel.

ICA Tel-Aviv Branch Fundraising Gala