The Canadian Friends of ICA organized a successful fundraising event on Saturday, September 13, 2014

15/09/2014 15:31:27

The Canadian Friends of ICA organized a fundraising event on Saturday evening, September 13, 2014, at the "Petah Tikva" Jewish Sephardic Synagogue in Toronto. The unique program appealed to 330 friends who came to support the noteworthy cause of the Israel Cancer Association.


The Board of the Friends' Group, comprising Mr. Eitan Rachlis, Mr. Benzi Katan, Mr. Uri Kronenblut and 15 devoted volunteers, lent a helping hand to make this event a great success.


The guests were introduced to the Israel Cancer Association by the Board of the ICA Friends who underlined the Association's significance for cancer patients, survivors and their families, and a clip was screened about the Association's activity and prominent reputation in Israel and abroad. The introduction was then followed by Israel's Consulate in Toronto, Canada, Mr. Gad Alon, who warmly welcomed the guests.


Fundraising event of the Canadian Friends of ICA 


The highlight of the evening was the show delivered by Israeli stand-up comedian Ms. Odelia Yakir, who has entertained audiences throughout Israel and abroad with her very own and special method of explaining and laughing about her perception of Israel.


Fundraising event of the Canadian Friends of ICA


This was a successful evening and a great atmosphere prevailed as it drew to a close.