The ICA volunteers and 10th grade students organize moments of light and joy in the Oncology Institute


Moments of light and joy at the Oncology Institute at Zevulun, with Mr. Johny Makhuly, a medical clown, and 10th grade students from ORT Kiryat Motzkin, led by the Homeroom Coordinator, Mrs. Orly Neimark. 


ICA organizes moments of joy


A huge thank you goes to Mr. Motti Dagan, for promoting this initiative and for persisting throughout the years in forming a special collaboration between ICA and teens, and getting them involved in the organization's activities and endeavors. 


ICA organizes moments of joy


Director of the Northern Branches, Mrs. Aliza Shultzer, thanked Mrs. Yehudit Tapiro, Head Nurse of the Department, who welcomes branch volunteers with open arms every time and makes sure to explain to the youth the importance of giving back to the community. 


A Hannuka candle lighting ceremony was held for the patients and against the disease with all the volunteers present.