Fundraising Event held by the Israel Cancer Association (ICA) Kiryat Bialik Branch on Sunday, December 28, 2014

28/12/2014 15:52:31

On Sunday, December 28, 2014, an impressive and moving musical event was held at the Eshkol Payis Community Center in Kiryat Bialik; all proceeds were dedicated to ICA activities.


On exhibit in the Center's foyer were paintings created by cancer survivors, under the direction of art teacher Mrs. Ruth Lundinksy, and led and organized by Mrs. Michal Reichler, a new branch volunteer.


ICA Kiryat Bialik Branch fundraising event


The following personalities honored the event with their presence: Mr. Ezra Hacham, CEO of Kiryat Bialik Municipality, Mr. Moshe Luzon, Director General of the Community Centers Network, Kiryat Bialik, Mr. Yonatan Karni, Director of the ICA Branches Department arrived to deliver greetings on behalf of the Director of the Northern Branches, Mrs. Aliza Shultzer.  In addition, chair people and coordinators of the ICA Krayot Branches were also in attendance, honoring this noteworthy event with their presence.


ICA Kiryat Bialik Branch fundraising event


Mr. Sammy Benisti, Municipal Volunteers Coordinator and Branch Chairman, greeted the audience: "Last week, we celebrated Hannuka, and one of its symbols which accompanies us, the Branch volunteers, all year round, is the symbol of light.  Just as each day we add another candle to the Hannukia, and the brilliance of the light is increased, so we make every effort in our endeavors to seek and find the light in our lives, to illuminate the lives of others, lift their spirits and offer them support, and empower and embrace them. This evening is a sample of our endeavors in, and contribution to the fight against cancer. Our branch was established five years ago and it operates on a volunteer basis. I would like to thank our dear volunteers who do their work with great love and devotion, and first and foremost, I would like to thank Mrs. Miri Klempner, Branch Coordinator, and all the coordinators and volunteers."


Mr. Ezra Hacham, representing the city's Mayor, greeted the attendees, and spoke about the importance of this event and thanked the volunteers and all those who contributed to this initiative.


Mr. Yonatan Karni thanked Mr. Sammy Benisti, Mrs. Miri Klempner and the volunteers, and pointed out that without them, all this would not have been possible, and that this is not something to be taken for granted.

"Your contribution is physical but it also goes beyond substance - it is involved in the spiritual realm.  We try our utmost to maximize the amount of good deeds we do."


Mr. Moshe Luzon also thanked Mr. Sammy Benisti, Mrs. Miri Klempner and the Branch volunteers for the tremendous contribution that they make, and added, "If through my humble contribution I have saved one life, it is as if I saved an entire world."  


A movie made by Mr. Micha Perlmutter, was screened during the event.  Micha is the Coordinator of Community TV in Kiryat Bialik, and he created this film in collaboration with branch volunteers, patients and survivors, who agreed to lend a hand to make this noteworthy initiative a success. This moving film portrays the branch's extensive activity throughout the year, and also highlights the significant impact this activity has on those who frequent the branch on a daily basis.


ICA Kiryat Bialik Branch fundraising event


The artistic portion of the evening was centered around various musical troupes who performed, such as the young members of the Municipal Conservatory of Kiryat Bialik, under the direction of Ms. Anna Assaf, who moved the audience with song and music played on different instruments. 


ICA Kiryat Bialik Branch fundraising event 


Additionally, tenor and cantor Mr. Boaz Davidoff and pianist M. Gil Naor delivered vocal musical renditions of songs in five languages (Italian, Ladino, Yiddish, Hebrew and English) and recounted the stories behind these songs.  This was a very moving performance, reaching its highpoint when the audience joined in the piyut (Kabbalistic/liturgical poem) "Ana Bekoach", in a powerful and magnificent prayer, and the performance concluded on an optimistic note with the song "Lo Nafsik Lashir" (We won't stop singing).


We hope that this song will never end and that this activity will continue as long as needed. All this is made possible thanks to the individuals who open their hearts to undertake humanitarian action.


ICA Kiryat Bialik Branch fundraising event


At this opportunity, certificates of appreciation were awarded to students (3rd grade pupils at Habonim School), for the unique fundraising initiative which was launched at the school during the Door Knock Fundraising Campaign, to Ms. Anna Assaf, and performing artists Mr. Boaz Davidoff and M. Gil Naor, Mr. Micha Perlmutter, the young representatives of the Center, Mr. Moshe Luzon and Mr. Shimon Levin. Kudos on a job well done, wishing you all continued success, creativity, and fruitful endeavors, and last but not least, the best of health.