Crocheting and Coming Full Circle: A breast cancer survivor who has one hand, joined the ICA Knitting Project and is currently crocheting amazing hats for cancer patients


Tirtza, a 60 year-old resident of Ashkelon, who up to six months ago lived in Beer Sheva, was born with one hand. Five years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


At the age of 13, she participated in an art class in her boarding school; in the knitting lesson, the teacher overlooked her and failed to include her. That same day, after having a good cry, she decided that the fact that she only has one hand would not stand in her way.  Since then, she has been crocheting amazing items with only one hand.


Crocheting and Coming Full Circle

Recently, a friend of hers who owns a knitting school, contacted her on Facebook, and suggested that she participate in ICA's unique project 'Enveloping Cancer Patients in Warmth'. Tirtza responded immediately.

This week, Tirtza's first 20 hats arrived at the ICA. Tirtza made an effort and crocheted amazing hats of all sizes that would suit both children and adults. Tirtza's disability doesn't stop her, and she does everything on her own: cooks, bakes, and serves as a source of strength for her four children.

Tirza and ICA


During the cold winter months, the ICA would like to help thousands of cancer patients keep warm as they cope with the disease and its treatments.


Crocheting and Coming Full Circle


'Enveloping Cancer Patients in Warmth' is a national project calling upon women who knit or crochet to make hats and scarves for cancer patients (mainly children) who experience hair loss due to treatments.


Crocheting and Coming Full Circle


This project began about a month ago, and since then, scores of women from across Israel have responded, knitting and crocheting in their homes, or in groups at ICA branches.


Crocheting and Coming Full Circle


The distribution of these hats and scarves is currently underway in the oncology departments in hospitals. ICA volunteers and the knitters and crocheters distribute them in person.


Crocheting and Coming Full Circle


There is great excitement among the patients, their families, and the medical staff in the oncology departments, warming the hearts of the knitters and crocheters and ICA volunteers.