Dozens of hats from Belgium, France and the United Kingdom were distributed to cancer patients as part of the ICA "Enveloping Cancer Patients in Warmth" Project


Noëmie Rubinsztejn (ICA International Relations Coordinator) contacted friends and contacts in Israel and abroad, calling upon them to support this unique Israel Cancer Association project.


ICA "Enveloping cancer patients in warmth" project


To her delight, and beyond her expectations, the individuals enlisted in this project donated 100 lovely hats and scarves.  It is evident that those involved in this noteworthy activity did not just simply fulfill an obligation, but rather, made every endeavor to produce beautiful, high quality handcrafted items, on a completely volunteer basis.


ICA "Enveloping cancer patients in warmth" project

There is no doubt that this initiative exemplifies the knitters' willingness to help and shows how they care about their fellow counterparts, as one of the knitters from Belgium, who spared no effort, and included a wig, wrote: "I am always happy to lend a hand and support a worthy cause.  Moreover, despite the fact that I sell the hats that I make, in this case, I decided not to sell them, but instead, to contribute them to this noble cause."

To date, shipments have arrived from Belgium and France, and hats have recently arrived from the United Kingdom as well.