ICA organized a successful Annual Conference for its Northern Branches


This year's ICA Northern Branches Annual Conference took place in Kiryat Motzkin, with 140 dedicated ICA volunteers attending. These volunteers demonstrate the day-to-day ground efforts, and primarily endeavored to make ICA's annual "Door Knock" Fundraising Campaign a success. 


ICA North Conference


Following opening greetings and words of appreciation, the representatives of all the northern branches mingled around the tables and after professionally and charismatically-led get-acquainted and team-building games, under the direction of Mr. Ronen Shapira, Organizational Consultant and a member of the Yokneam Regional Council, they all participated in a "business game" to encourage strategic thinking. 


ICA North Conference


The volunteers and activity leaders had a good laugh as they listened to Dr. Dina Eisen's amazing lecture.  Dr. Eisen is a family physician who left the profession to establish Synapsot - Optimistic Health Promotion and with a great deal of charm and endless humor lectured on personal health, well-being and happiness. 


Mrs. Silvia Cohen, Chairperson of the ICA Tirat Carmel Branch received a certificate of appreciation for her fundraising activity for the ICA.  The certificate was presented to her in the presence of all the Chairs of the northern branches at the conclusion of the conference. 


ICA North Conference


Mrs. Aliza Shultzer, Director of ICA Northern Branches added:   "What an amazing day it was in Kiryat Motzkin yesterday!  So many hours of work but ultimately everything turned into moments of commendable endeavor, cooperation and learning for the benefit of those who do noteworthy work on a daily basis: ICA volunteers.  These were moments of sheer happiness.  Devoted volunteers arrived from all over Israel, from Kiryat Shemona to Hadera, including those who are involved in volunteer work within the community, members of regional councils, and even branches in Arab society who honored us with their presence. We met and summed up the activity of the previous year, and looked to the future, to next year's conference, with an optimistic perspective, giving a big hug to all those involved in this commendable work. 


The thank you list goes on and on: firstly, a thank you goes to Mr. Haim Tzuri for the wonderful hospitality his city has shown us, and in particular, we would like to extend our thanks to the city for the theme of this occasion.  We emphasized that the conference was themed the intergenerational connection and in Kiryat Motzkin, this is not just a statement, but rather, a reality: all projects led by the ICA involve cooperation between senior citizen volunteers and the city's energetic and charismatic teens, from the Kiryat Motzkin Municipality Youth Unit, enlisted all year round, to students of the city's various schools. Thank you to Mr. Moti Dagan for leading this niche of activity all these years.  You serve as a role model and a shining example for us all".