Prevention GENEration App


The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) has launched a new app called "Prevention GENEration", which enables you to create a "genetic portrait photo" comprising an image of your facial features and those of a first degree relative, so that you can see the resemblance between you.

How much do you resemble your mother?


To download the application (in Hebrew)

The title of this app 'You never know what genes may be passed down' refers not only to the similarities in familial facial features, but also to the degree of risk of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer, and the need for genetic counseling. The app contains a link to an online questionnaire, on ICA's website, enabling you to gauge the risk level.


Please download the app and post photos of your facial features and those of your first degree relative.  Was the outcome to your liking?  Please share your photos on Facebook. 



Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Please click here to download the Prevention GENEration app