"A Dream Come True" - 'Sunsets' Photo Exhibit - photos by Amit, a 13-year-old girl who passed away from cancer


The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) invited the public to a photo exhibit called "Sunsets", by Amit, a 13- year-old girl who passed away from cancer.

The exhibit took place on March 24th-25th at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem.

Amit developed cancer at the age of 5 and dreamt of becoming a photographer. In honor of her bat-mitzvah, her mother bought her a camera.

Amit and her camera

Amit of Blessed Memory

Mr. Erez Meshulam, ICA "Circles of Strength" coordinator, lent his support in making a small dream come true, and Mr. Ran Zisovitch volunteered to teach Amit how to take photographs.

Together, they departed from the hospital, during the intervals between treatments, to take photos of sunsets, and Amit dreamt of launching her own photo exhibit.

Amit passed away from cancer about six months ago, before she could make her dream come true.

One of many pictures by Amit

One of Amit's photo's

Hundreds of beautiful photos were left behind at Amit's home. Irit, Amit's mother, Erez and Ran, made Amit's dream come true.

Amit's exhibition

Amit's photo exhibit, in collaboration with other artists from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design; this exhibit was opened to the general public, with free admission

Amit and her mother

Amit and her mother

The ICA 'Circles of Strength' Project is aimed at helping children who have cancer, their families, and the community regain the capacity to dream and the courage to fulfill their dreams.

Exhibit curator: Mr. Menachem Silberg of Bezalel