Professor Aaron Ciechanover, Honorary President of the ICA, makes important breakthrough in cancer research


The new research conducted at the Technion laboratory of Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Aaron Ciechanover, Honorary President of the Israel Cancer Association, has uncovered two proteins that suppress cancerous growths. This research is the continuation of the discovery of the Ubiquitin process which led to his winning of the Nobel Prize in 2004.


Professor Ciechanover receives Nobel Prize in 2004


As a young scientist and physician, Professor Ciechanover received research fellowships from the Israel Cancer Association and served as a member of its Research Committee for a decade, where he got an up-close look at the Association's activity focused on promoting research, prevention, and early detection as well as enhancing patients' treatment conditions.


The ICA has accompanied Professor Aaron Ciechanover's scientific journey with great admiration and pride; he is a distinguished personality held in high esteem; he is not only an eminent researcher and physician, but also a fine human being with a huge and caring heart, as well as a venerable educator. His collaboration with the ICA will assist us all in advancing the fight against all cancer diseases and will reinforce the belief that it is in our capacity to achieve a better future, to enable a cure and give hope to cancer patients and their families.