The ICA launches a new public information campaign for the summer - "This is how the sun views us. Don't let the sun's rays harm you!"



The ICA is currently launching a new video marking the first week of summer.


The video, filmed from above, emulates how the sun sees beach goers: some of them are "sun smart" and protect themselves from the sun's harmful rays, and others don't pay attention to the rules of sun-safe behavior.  The sun identifies beach goers who are not "sun smart" and places a red viewfinder target on them.


Among "sun smart" people, we can see a couple emerging from a tent, dressed according to the rules of "sun smart" behavior, collecting their things and going home (they don't remain in the sun during unsafe hours), a young woman dressed in a robe, wearing a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses, applying sunscreen, entering a big tent, and staying in the shade, and a young man walking along the beach, engaging in physical activity and abiding by the "sun smart" dress code.  The sun doesn't target them with the viewfinder.


The sun identifies two people clad only in a swimsuit, playing paddle ball on the beach, a man emerging from the water and lying down on a tanning bed, and a woman sun tanning; the sun marks them with the viewfinder target.


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The new ICA public information campaign is aimed at delivering the message that sun exposure at unsafe hours, and without using all the necessary means of protection, may lead to irreversible damage to your skin and its appearance, and may even potentially cause skin cancer.


This new video is currently being aired and will be up and running throughout the summer months (online as well); in addition, public information ads deriving from this specific public service announcement will appear in newspapers.


Alongside the campaign warning against unprotected sun exposure, the ICA is launching a new ad called "cancer in a box", warning against tanning bed use, which poses a danger no less severe than sun exposure.


The ICA recommends that you: avoid exposure to the sun from 10am-4pm, remain in the shade/indoors,  wear a wide brimmed hat to protect the face and the neck, wear sun glasses, long sleeves and long pants/skirts, apply a generous amount of sunscreen lotion, according to recommendations, and drink large amounts of water*.


The campaign was produced by Gitam BBDO Advertising Agency.


* Public information booklets available free of charge contain ICA "sun smart" recommendations.


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif If you would like to receive copies of these booklets please contact the ICA at: 1-800-599-995.