The ICA and the Kids' Channel Launch a New Clip for the Summer Vacation: "A Healthy Choice is a Winning Choice"


Summer is already here and what could be more exciting than a computer game?  And what's more fun than the possibility of choice?


These two elements have merged into a cool ICA-Kids' Channel clip currently being aired on the small screen.


The clip is filmed from behind the camera viewfinder, indoors and outdoors (RPG style: a process of structured decision-making), demonstrating the activities of an unseen character, and his/her daily choices regarding nutrition, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.....and sometimes less (than a healthy lifestyle)....


A graphic indicator appears on the screen, and using computer game jargon, scores each activity as positive or negative (apple=100; frosted cupcake=minus 001) and collects points, and there is also an energy gauge that goes up and down, according to the healthy, or harmful choices of the player.


Kids' Channel stars Tal Museri, Oded Paz and Shiran Sandal, appear as healthy lifestyle mentors.  During the game, they give advice and respond to the player's choices.


The clip is accompanied by a catchy tune with a distinctive beat.


The aim of the game is to make a wise and healthy choice, earn 1000 points and win the game!


Furthermore, a minisite will appear on the Kids' Channel website, featuring healthy lifestyle messages and a weekly quiz.


The new logo "A Healthy Choice is a Winning Choice" complements this campaign, and will accompany all ICA healthy lifestyle activities.


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