Israel hails achievement - Congratulations to Attorney Etya Simcha, Chairperson of the Israel Cancer Association (ICA) Jerusalem Branch, who was chosen to serve a second term as President of the International Association of Lawyers


Attorney Etya Simcha was first selected to serve as President of the International Association of Lawyers in 2011, creating a precedent.


For the first time ever, an Israeli representative, who is also a woman, was selected to serve in such a prominent and valuable position.


The International Association of Lawyers is a part of the World Jurist Association, comprising 147 member countries, and has Special Consultative Status at the UN Economic and Social Council.


This week Etya Simcha made history once again, when she was selected to serve an additional term as President of the Association.


Etya Simcha


Attorney Simcha's selection for this position, attests to the high regard the members of the Association have for her, and also constitutes a great achievement on the State of Israel's part, in terms of Israel's international status from an overall perspective, and the country's standing among international institutions, in particular.


Alongside her activity at the international and national scales, Attorney Simcha finds the time to volunteer, and serves as Chairperson of the ICA Jerusalem Branch since 2010, leading extensive activity on behalf of patients, survivors and their families.


Attorney Simcha also organizes activities for patients admitted to oncology wards in hospitals, and is involved in producing fundraising events for ICA activities and more.


We wish Attorney Simch continued success and continued productivity in all her endeavors.