ICA hosted children with cancer and their families for a 3-day fun filled vacation


In keeping with its annual tradition, the ICA hosted about 100 children with cancer and their families for a long pampering weekend in Shefayim. 

ICA 2015 Family Vacations

The children enjoyed a plethora of activities: movies, inflatable bounce houses, cooking workshops, arts and crafts, make-up workshops and pampering activities for mothers, performances featuring Mr. Erez Meshulam and the Carriage Theater, a moving performance delivered by the singer Mr. Ohad Hitman and many more fun-filled and relaxing activities.

ICA 2015 Family Vacations

2-year-old Donna from Maalot, 15-year-old Zaad from Kfar Salem, 9-year-old Coral from Rishon LeZion, 9-year-old Eyal from Deganya, and dozens of children of different ages from across Israel enjoyed themselves on the rides and romped on the lawns of the kibbutz.

ICA 2015 Family Vacations

The ICA Annual Family Vacation enables children who have cancer, as well as their parents and healthy siblings, to enjoy quality time together as a family, after prolonged separation and fighting a hard battle with anxieties, treatments and pain.

Photo credit: Mrs. Shimrit Strul