ICA organizes a Kayaking Adventure on the Kinneret to promote prevention, treatment of and research on melanoma

20/09/2015 13:19:08

On Friday morning, September 18, 2015, dozens gathered at Golan Beach on the Sea of Galilee. These individuals came to strengthen, support and raise awareness about melanoma in a unique way, a kayak trip on the waters of the Kinneret.


Dr. Haggai Kedem, a senior physician in the healthcare system, who developed melanoma, and is a kayaking aficionado and resident of Gamla, initiated this kayaking trip in collaboration with the ICA.


2015 ICA Kayaking Adventure


This kayaking trip was aimed at heightening awareness of the importance of prevention, treatment of and research on melanoma.

The  Cities between the Kinneret and Moshav Maale Gamla and the Association of IDF General Staff Reconnaissance Unit (special forces commando) Veterans teamed up to launch this kayaking trip. 

This colorful kayaking trip painted the waters of the Kinneret, for about a few dozen meters from the shore and was an attraction for tourists and beachgoers.


The ICA has been endeavoring for many years to increase awareness of the harmful effects of the sun's rays and the importance of prevention and early detection.


2015 ICA Kayaking Adventure


The ICA's public information and education network reaches every household in Israel with the 'Sunsmart' campaign, and the Skin Cancer Awareness campaign, which have bold yielded tremendous results.


Awareness of the harmful effects of sun exposure and the importance of sun protection behaviors are high in Israel, and consequently, the country no longer ranks among the three leading countries in melanoma incidence, but rather, has dropped to the bottom of the list.


Nevertheless, there is still a long road ahead in terms of promoting research, treatment and support for patients, their families and survivors, and the ICA continues to make every effort to lend assistance in these areas as well.