Family Nature Walk along Nahal Hashofet: Hol Hamoed Passover 24 April 2016


The ICA invites you to take part in its annual Family Nature Walk following a fun-filled nature- trek, along a pleasant route suitable for families with children.


This year, the ICA invites you to take part in the walk along the length of the Hashofet River, in the beautiful region of Yaarot Menashe (Menashe Forest), along one of the two following routes of your choice


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Short 1.5 km route


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Long 5 km route


Nahal Hashofet


A walk along Nahal Hashofet is an adventure for the entire family. This river has a continuous flow all year round - a rare phenomenon here in Israel.  There is a breathtaking scenery of fields and forests along the river, evoking an atmosphere of tranquility and calm.


A circular route paved by the JNF, which is accessible to baby carriages and wheelchairs, extends from the Haruvim parking lot; this route is paved in part with asphalt and in part with wooden planks.  The route descends along Senin River - a minor tributary of Nahal Hashofet and later on, the two converge.


ICA Pessah Walk


Along the route, there are several small bridges, shaded sitting areas, and even observatory decks.  One of the decks overlooks a small waterfall and pool, in which hikers can wade in refreshing water.


2016 ICA Pessah Walk


The entire area is shaded by fig trees and elms (ulmus canescens) - a rare tree in Israel, which grows only next to water.


Further on, the route passes by a small dam, two small caves and arrives at a beautiful thicket with the remains of a flour mill.


This is the end of the short route. Before going back, you can cross the river to the additional large cave, which is just beyond the river bed.


For those who decide to walk along the long route, from the large cave, you continue along the winding route that twists to the right and walk along it. The route passes through a wooded area with beautiful blossoming flowers and proceeds towards a wide-open field. After a short walk along the route twisting to the right, you cross the river and enter a shady and pleasant grove, at the end of which you arrive at the starting point of the route.


Happening for the entire family


Upon the completion of the two routes, there will be a happening for the entire family - arts and crafts activities for children and a performance for the entire family - "Kuchi's World", featuring an active stage, kids' karaoke, trivia games and a stand-up comedy show for toddlers and adults.


2016 ICA Pessah Walk



Please bring a hat, water, sunglasses, long shirts and pants, sunscreen and a bathing suit.


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Route registration fee: 25 ILS per participant, 80 ILS per family of 4 + – all proceeds are dedicated to potentially life-saving ICA activity.


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif For more information please call: +972-3-572.16.03.

An event made possible by the generous support of Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank and in collaboration with the JNF.