4th Annual Boca Grove Fellowship Project

08/02/2016 11:32:05

On February 8, 2016, Dr. Steven Melman and Mrs. Phyllis Liss chaired the 4th Annual Boca Grove Fellowship Project cocktail reception at the Boca Grove home of Sharon and Charles Trauring for 80 guests.

4th Annual Boca Grove Fellowship Project


Mrs. Phyllis Liss and Dr. Steven Melman


Guests viewed a brief presentation by Dr. Joseph Purita from Stem Cell Centers of America. Following the presentation, entertainment was provided by Mr. Avi Hoffman.


4th Annual Boca Grove Fellowship Project


Dr. Joseph Purita, Kathy and Alan Broudie


Dr. Melman said, "I enjoy bringing together philanthropists willing to support the finest minds in Israel seeking cancer cures." The money raised will fund a 2016 fellowship for an Israeli scientist's two-year cancer research project. 

Last year's Boca Grove event funded two fellowships: A fellowship presented to distinguished Israeli cancer researcher Prof. Ehud Razin of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focusing on "Exploring the role of the Hint-1 protein as an MITF inhibitor in melanoma", and an outstanding research fellowship presented to Prof. Elena Voronov of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, focusing on "Cell-associated Interleukin-1α from intestinal epithelial cells as a major mediator of inflammation-induced colon cancer".


The Boca Grove Fellowship Grant Project is open to Boca Raton residents.  Spearheaded by Dr. Melman, members meet annually at a fundraiser cocktail reception.