ICA launches new initiative - Training Cosmeticians to detect skin lesions

23/05/2016 10:13:29

As Skin Cancer Prevention and Detection Awareness Week approached, the ICA initiated a collaboration with the Israel Cosmeticians Association, headed by Orna Weber, and suggested training cosmeticians to initially detect skin lesions.

Cosmeticians, who are uniquely positioned to closely examine the skin of their customers, and inspect different areas of the skin that are not always exposed to the eye, constitute an important and substantial link in the early detection process chain for the diagnosis of suspicious lesions. 

ICA trains cosmeticians to detect skin lesions

This training aimed to enhance awareness of the importance of early detection and to impart applied tools to detect suspicious lesions and refer customers to a dermatologist for a skin examination.

Dozens of cosmeticians attended the training session on 23 May and heard a hands-on lecture, accompanied by photos and significant applied tools for the detection of suspicious lesions.

Prof. Shalom Avshalom, Director of the Plastic Surgery Unit at Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba, Advisor to the ICA, and senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University, delivered the training session.

The questions and the significant amount of interest that the training garnered left no doubt as to the importance of this subject as well to the significance of the whys and hows of its implementation.