Do you play Pokemon GO? Don't forget to be "sun smart" and stay safe

24/07/2016 13:07:25

The ICA advises Pokemon GO to stay safe in the sun and go outdoors to catch Pokemons during safe hours.   The safe time to be out in the sun is before 10am and after 4pm, when the sun's rays are not as strong.  If you must go outdoors when it isn't safe, make sure to abide by the following sun smart safety rules:


Searching for Pokemons in the Shade - it is recommended to look for Pokemons in the shade when outdoors, at the park, in the neighborhood, at the beach and at the swimming pool.  When you walk long distances, go on the shaded side of the street and stay there, or sit in a shaded area under the overhang of a building, sun roof or awning.


SUn  hat - notice that in the game itself, some of the Pokemon snatchers are always with a baseball hat on - in the real world too, make sure you wear a hat before going outdoors, preferably a wide-brimmed hat that protects the nape of your neck, your ears, facial skin, and delicate skin around your eyes.


SuNglasses - the sun's rays can damage your eyes.  UV protective sunglasses shield your eyes and reduce the risk of visual impairment.


Long-Sleeved Protective Clothing - Have you noticed that the characters that catch Pokemons in the game are always wearing long-sleeved clothing?   You should know that despite the heat, it is important to dress in long-sleeved clothing so that your body is covered and protected.  It is recommended to wear a short-sleeved shirt (t-shirt), which covers the shoulders and arms, and pants up to the knees.  Tight knit fabric provides the most UV protection, for example, cotton or UV block fabric.


Make sure you go outdoors when it's safe - as previously mentioned, the most significant factor in sun smart behavior is the time of sun exposure.  Consequently, it is advised, to as great an extent as possible, to avoid going outdoors to catch Pokemons from 10am-4pm, when UV rays are strongest.  In Israel, there is enough daylight after 4pm, so you can go outdoors in the afternoon and get back home by sundown. 


Sunscreen against ultraviolet rAys - apply sunscreen to reduce sun damage, particularly the risk of burns, skin cancer and premature skin aging.


Drink wateR - While outdoors, in the sun, or during physical activity, you should drink a lot of water.  That is why when you go outdoors to catch Pokemons, make sure you come equipped with a bottle of water in your easy to carry backpack, just like the characters in the game, who also carry a backpack.


In addition, The ICA also recommends adopting the Precautionary Principle with regard to cellphone use while playing the game:

  • It is advised to avoid carrying your cellphone close to your body, for example, in your pocket. It is advised to keep your cellphone at least half a meter away from your body.
  • It is advised to use earphones with a cord and not wireless headphones in order to reduce your exposure to radiation.
  • In areas and places where there is weak reception, it is advised to reduce cellphone use and take a break until you arrive in an area with better reception and lower radiation levels.

And in the spirit of health and safety, the ICA emphasizes that while playing Pokemon GO, players must maintain road safety, keep their head up while crossing the street, and prefer places that provide protection against vehicles, such as parks, playgrounds, beaches and shaded areas.


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