The Israel Cancer Association – Breast Cancer Survivors on Motorcycles



To enhance women's awareness of the life-saving potential inherent in early detection, Friday, the 7th of October 2016 will see a Breast Cancer Survivors' Motorcycle Trip, initiated by the "I'm also making a noise to increase breast cancer awareness" Facebook group, the ICA, and the Harley-Davidson Riders Club.


  Breast Cancer Survivors on Motorcycles


This campaign is being launched in honor of International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, commemorated in Israel and worldwide every October, and will be made possible courtesy of Albar Moto Harley-Davidson Dealership in Israel, and Roche Pharmaceuticals as part of the Roche Lends a Hand (Roche Moshita Yad) Project.  


Over 100 Harley-Davidson riders will participate in this motorcycle trip, carrying a cancer patient or survivor dressed in a pink t-shirt aimed at increasing early detection awareness. 


The "I'm also making a noise to increase breast cancer awareness" Facebook group and the ICA remind women that early detection potentially saves lives, and call on them to take responsibility for their health, get themselves checked according to guidelines, and become familiar with the regular feel and appearance of their body, such that at any age, and in any health condition, if a change is detected, it is important that they proceed to a physician on time and demand that the nature of this transformation be clarified. In parallel, one may be examined by a physician specializing in manual breast exams, once a year.