New "Dad" Campaign: Men can also be carriers of a gene mutation that causes breast and ovarian cancer


The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) has launched a new campaign calling upon Israeli men who are fathers of children and have a family history of breast and ovarian cancer. The campaign, under the tagline "Dad", was produced pro bono by Gitam/BBDO Advertising Agency.

This campaign aims to increase awareness of the fact that not only women, but also men, may potentially be carriers of a gene mutation that causes breast and ovarian cancer and the inherited risk factor passed down does not depend on the parent's gender.

In this campaign, the ICA calls on fathers to take notice of this, and if there are many cases of breast or ovarian cancer among their first-degree relatives, they are advised to visit the ICA website, answer a questionnaire to evaluate their risk and proceed to their physician with their responses.


  Click here to complete the questionnaire



This campaign, targeted at men as mentioned, is part of a more extensive campaign called "Prevention GENEration" which deals with the passing down of gene mutations which cause cancer.   As part of the "Dad" campaign, an ad will be placed in the newspapers and in magazines geared toward men, with a special emphasis on promoting awareness among men who are gene mutation carriers, who similar to female carriers, are liable to pass down a gene mutation to their children, even if they themselves do not develop cancer.



 אבא - קמפיין האגודה למלחמה בסרטן



The Prevention GENEration program was established by the Israel Cancer Association (ICA) with the support of the Northern Charitable Foundation, Inc. (NCF), and founded by Rosa Dembitzer, in collaboration with The Israel Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Consortium, operating under the auspices of the ICA. 


Campaign credits: Gitam/BBDO Advertising Agency, Creative Director - Noga Kara, Creative staff - Kobi Lavi and Sivan Harari, Vice President Clients - Yonatan Regev, Supervisor - Eliran Binyamini, Account Manager - Shelly Shoval, ICA Media Manager - Maya Feldblum.