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Research Breakthroughs

Research Breakthroughs


Since 1952, ICA has been making a dramatic difference in the lives of individuals diagnosed with cancer. By serving cancer patients and their families, and by providing major funding to brilliant cancer research scientists in the State of Israel, ICA has benefited cancer victims worldwide as it closes in on a cure

  • Each year, ICA provides fellowships to individual Israeli scientists to conduct specific advanced cancer research projects.

  • What makes this arrangement unique is that the funds for these research fellowships go directly to the scientists involved in the research project. The cost of cancer research in Israel is a fraction of the cost in the United States.

Thanks to the overall investment that ICA puts into research, impressive achievements have been attained in treatment for cancer patients, for example:

  • There has been a huge improvement in recovery rates among children who have contracted leukemia.

  • Gaps that existed in the past between different children treated for leukemia at various treatment centers have been narrowed.

  • Gaps between Jewish and Arab children have been virtually effaced.

  • Research enabling the implementation of brain marrow transplants in cancer patients and enhanced medicinal treatment has also been achieved.

  • Diagnostic measures, such as dedicated breast MRIs, have been developed, and the list goes on and on.


Following is a sampling of brilliant breakthroughs in cancer research: 


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