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The Ministry of Health sends a letter to ICA on Smoking


A letter was sent to Mrs. Ziv, Director General of the Israel Cancer Association by Israel's Health Ministry Director-General, Dr. Roni Gamzu, on the suggestions of the Public Committee for the reduction of smoking and its damages. A report with a special recommendation for a national program, based upon these suggestions, will soon be published for governmental approval. Professor Eliezer Robinson, Chairman of the Israel Cancer Association, is part of the Committee.


Letter of Ministry of Health


Dr. Romi Gamzu underlines that the Israel Cancer Association is one of the main leaders in Israeli society for the promotion of cancer awareness, prevention, research and treatment, and has always been a loyal partner and leader in the fight against smoking, hence for prevention against smoking and its damages, and for the advancement of the legislation on that issue. Israel's Health Ministry Director-General is confident that the Israel Cancer Association and the Ministry of Health will continue working together as they have been successfully doing for the past years.