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Big-Bullet-SQR.gif The breast and ovarian cancer morbidity rates in Israel are among the highest in the world, partly due to the high prevalence of BRCA 1/2 gene mutations among the Israeli population.


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif The Israel Genetics Consortium engaging in cancer genetics research continue to conduct the joint and multi-center study on the Genetics of Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer in Israel:

bul3 Prof. Efrat Levy-Lahad of Shaare Zedek Medical Center coordinates the Consortium in collaboration with 12 hospitals: Sheba, Rambam, Rabin, Sourasky, Wolfson, Kaplan, Soroka, Shaare Zedek, Assaf Harofeh and Nahariya, Bnei Zion and Ha'Emek Medical Centers.


bul3 Additionally, the Consortium is conducting a research study led by Prof. Efrat Levy-Lahad and Prof. Mary Claire-King of Washington State University, Seattle.


bul3 Over 660 female BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation carriers in Israel and the United States were examined in this research study. This study, published in a highly reputed scientific journal, demonstrated that genetic modifiers may have a significant impact on the risk of developing a specific type of malignancy among gene mutation carriers.


bul3 About 3,800 male and female gene mutation carriers have been entered in the Israeli data base; the ICA supports the Consortium's activity, financed the purchase of software, and provided funding for the post of a Research Nurse to coordinate the research activity.


bul3 Poriya Medical Center in Tiberias and the Rebecca Sieff Medical Center in Safed have recently joined this initiative.


Big-Bullet-SQR.gif Assist in funding the Genetics Consortium Project - US$ 48,000. Kindly contact us, should you wish to contribute to this project. Please note that all donations received are transferred in full (no overhead is taken).


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